7 February 2010

Pyramid approval - and the dominance of the Net

Tesco's plan to build a test pyramid on the Regeneration Area has been approved - subject to a number of conditions, some of them important.  The Decision Notice setting out these conditions is dated 7 February, which is a Sunday; so it seems the busy little elves of East Devon's Planning Department are working right through the weekend to see Tesco right.

By the magic of the World Wide Web this document is available for all to see - as long as they have a computer with internet access . . . but what happens if they do not ?  One of the Environment Team is in this position, so I tried to order a paper copy of the PPS25 Practice Guide (see previous post) at a cost of £22.  Three different people representing the Department of Communities and Local Government told me it was not available in print, in spite of the promise given on their website.  It seems we have to download it and then print it out for ourselves.

This seems a step too far.

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