7 December 2011

Development proposals for Harepath Road, Seaton - Invitation to Pre-view of public exhibition

*From:*Hoey, Anthea C [mailto:Anthea.Hoey@atkinsglobal.com]
*Sent:* 05 December 2011 14:00

Dear Councillors and Officers of East Devon

Following the presentation to the East Devon Members Panel at the end of
July, Seaton Park (Homes) Ltd has been progressing its proposals for
development of land at Harepath Road, taking on board the comments made
in the Council’s response. We have sent a copy of these proposals to the
Planning Officers and requested another Members Panel presentation.

In the meanwhile, on behalf of Seaton Park (Homes) Ltd, we would like to
invite you to a Preview of the Public Exhibition that we have prepared
showing our proposals and inviting comments as a pre-application

The preview will take place from 12.30 to 2pm on Monday 12 December at
St Clare’s Hall, Fore St, Seaton.

It will be followed straight away by the public exhibition, which will
remain open until 7pm on the Monday, and will reopen from 2pm until 7pom
on Tuesday 13 December.

We look forward to showing you the latest version of the proposals, and
receiving feedback from all who are interested.

If anyone cannot attend, but would like to receive further information
about the content of the exhibition, please let me know.

Yours sincerely

*Anthea Hoey*
Principal Planner
*ATKINS**Design & Engineering*

The Octagon, Pynes Hill, Rydon Lane,
Exeter, Devon EX2 5AZ
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E-mail: anthea.hoey@atkinsglobal.com

5 December 2011

To Drain or Not to Drain etc

Walking by the new Tesco store the other day, I was stuck by the lack of a storm drain channel through the site. There is a very slight depression in the ground along the Southern boundary (the sort of thing that normally collects all sorts of rubbish), but I couldn't see any sign of a channel leading to the North of the site.

Did the requirement for a drain get dropped from the plan? Has it been filled by sand from the site or is it really well hidden in amongst the fabulous new landscaping?

6 November 2011

Large cylinder at the back of Tesco

Message from James

Subject: Tesco CHP


The Tescowatch item in the Minutes of 5th October required me to
investigate the large cylinder at the back of Tesco. I did something,
but forgot to mention it at the last meeting.

On blowing up some photographs I took of these installations I resolved
the name of a Combined Heat and Power manufacturer called ENER-G.
Looking at their website, the plant will use natural gas to generate
electricity, heat and cooling with 85% efficiency. The National Grid
currently works at about 33%, so this is a significant advance in energy
efficiency. This system stores heat in a large highly insulated water
tank, andI thinkthat is what we can see on the east side of the yard.

I will ask Emma Webster to arrange a guided tour when it is up and running


29 September 2011

Click and Collect

Seems Tesco 'forgot' to make provision for people to collect those things that they had ordered via the internet (Click and Collect). Planning application 11/2134/FUL is apparently to allow this to be constructed in the carpark.

So this means either a smaller car park which would be counter productive for profits, or further Tesco expansion on the site (perhaps reducing the amount of affordable housing). Not so good for employment (less delivery drivers needed) and not so good for the environment (more car journeys).

I wonder what else was not included in the original planning application. I seem to recall that an EDDC planning condition at the time was that the store should be no larger to avoid adversely affecting the town centre. Sounds to me like a death my a thousand cuts.

22 September 2011

Green Grass or Sand Pit?

I might have got this wrong, but once land fill was completed the balance of the Tesco land on Harbour Road, the part that is due to have lots of wonderful low cost housing and hotel etc, was supposed to be hydro seeded. I was expecting that this would mean nice green fields, and an improvement in the appearance of the area.

Perhaps it is the unusual growing conditions this year, maybe a bad batch of seed, or maybe even poor application. What ever the reason, the site looks more like a sand pit than a green field. If it was a field planted for food crops, the supermarket buyer would have rejected the lot it looks so poor.

Suerly this should be sorted now while there is at least a small chance for the grass to grow before the winter. What is happening? What about the planning conditions? Who is responsible for overseeing that these are followed through? If they don't do a proper job with the grass, what chance of having the rest of the site planted to the required standard.

6 September 2011

Tesco Filling Station

from Hugh Barlow

I was called today by the Devon County Council petroleum officer with responsibility for this area. In a much earlier conversation with Steve Moore of the Environment Agency, the latter had made it plain to James and me that a filling station in this flood-liable location with high groundwater levels would require casing the storage tanks in concrete (to prevent them from "floating" in his words).
Today the Petroleum Officer informed me that, according to the plans which he had received in early July, Tesco had without prompting met all the requirements of a filling station in this sort of location. There would be approx. 1ft (rather than the usual 6ins) concrete slabs below and above the two 125,000 litre tanks, which would rest at datum level (mean sea level). Along the sides would be a coffer dam of double-skin sheet steel, and, once the tanks were inserted, the space would be back-filled with concrete. Pipework would be double-skinned plastic. Regular inspection should ensure that any deterioration in the outer skin was detected before the second layer was affected.

He himself would have oversight, and there was due to be an on-site meeting in August before work commenced in September. Without the licence which he issues, the site cannot operate. But it is the Environment Agency who would be the official consultee.

Similar provision in other South West locations had proved 100% effective in river flooding, with no leakage at all.

Incidentally, he informed me that two earlier filling stations in the Harbour Road area had been cased in concrete when they were decommissioned.

Our concerns on this particular score appear to have been met.

22 July 2011

Taster Day for Wildlife and Environmental Conservation

From: Hannah Abrehart <Hannah.Abrehart@bicton.ac.uk>
Date: 21 July 2011 10:19
Subject: Re. Taster Day for Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Sat 6th Aug


I am wondering whether it would be possible for you to let your members/volunteers know about a taster day that we are holding at Bicton College on Saturday 6th August for Wildlife and Environmental Conservation, a new course that we will be running from September. Please find the attached flyer and course details. I am very happy to post you paper copies if you’d prefer. The taster is aimed at anybody 16+ who would like to try out some practical aspects of the course and find out more about what it entails from the Countryside Team at Bicton.

Many thanks


Hannah Abrehart

School Liaison Officer
T: 01395 562324/07775 034896
E: hannah.abrehart@bicton.ac.uk