9 June 2010

Work starts on the ziggurat - and some Tesco leaflets

Our observers report that a small hole was dug on the regeneration site today - presumably to begin the construction of the settlement test structure approved by 09/2337/FUL - which we call the ziggurat.

To be sure, this is not very exciting news to the world at large, but to us Tescowatchers (who have had nothing to watch for months) it is the first sally in what we expect to be a major campaign. 

And there is more news.  The residents of KIngs Court, which is adjacent to the Tesco site, complained about Tesco ivy growing on their fence.  They were told that steps would be taken to remove the ivy tomorrow (Thursday10th June). 

On the same day (Thursday), Tesco staff would distribute leaflets at various points throughout the town. Make sure you get your copy and tell them what you think about their project.

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