18 September 2010

The Tesco heap of dirt

I had an email from an anonymous reader of this blog questioning the relevance of my earlier posts on the Tesco Ziggurat.  After all, he/she said, it is just a heap of dirt !   

So it is, but upon a heap of dirt just like this one, Tesco propose to regenerate our town: by selling the land on to someone who (hopefully) will build houses, a hotel and a community centre on it. If they collapse like the heap has collapsed, what good will that do ?

In the meantime, let us see what has happened to the heap.  Look at the following pictures:

You will notice a big change, from the usual shape on the 14th to the seriously flattened shape on the 17th.  So what happened between the two dates ?

I don't know for sure, but on the 16th September the site was due to have a visit from the Environment Agency.  Either Tesco made the changes, or they did.

I have written to the EA asking for information on the heap before the Tuesday planning meeting.  If it arrives in time, I will let you know.

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