12 May 2011

CEMP approval query

Sandra Semple has forwarded to us this message from A D, see below... first Sandra's comment...

I have already told this person that there is no recourse to justice if EDDC walks all over us, unless someone raises the money which would be needed for a judicial review. I have told him to make his views known to EDDC's Development Management Committee (when it is elected on 25 May), Seaton Town Council, our three district councillors and the newspapers but told him that, in my experience, Tesco does exactly what it wants. I have told him to go to next council meeting and the next development trust meeting if he wants to see if he can get any further support or assistance.

You might want to put his point on Tescowatch.

What A D wrote....

Noted your & Barbara Dearden-Potters concerns in the Seaton Recorder about the latest Tesco planning app.
Are you aware of the situation with the main application 09/0019/MFUL?
There is a condition that they must get approval of their CEMP Construction Environment Management Plan.
They submitted a plan on 7 April, it ignores the DCC HATOC findings of March.
It also says see Planning Documents “Conditions” posted Friday April 8, 2011, page 2 Signet letter, says
“You will doubtless keep us informed of the results of consultation as it is important that what are deemed as acceptable haulage routes are approved at your committee on 3 May so that the overall programme for construction of the store can be maintained”.
Fortunately we managed to stop it going on the Dev Commitee agenda just before the election.
So, I believe at the moment there is an opportunity to say to Tesco – hold it – we have to sort out this CEMP and a few other issues as well.
But perhaps our planners will use their “delegated powers” not to hold up the baked beans.

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  1. Tesco have already spent millions on this development, so I don't see the baked beans being held up by a few EDDC planning people. Planning conditions have been worked around in the past and will be in the future.

    Even though the Axe Valley transport infrastructure is totally inadequate to support this development, I don't think Tesco will be paying a penny more than they want on improving the roads, and in the end it will come down to the tax payer to pay for necessary improvements.

    So cheap baked beans and 10% on your council tax, what a bargain.