18 June 2011

Community Right to Buy in Jeopardy

Long shot, but do any of us have contacts in the House of Lords?

Message from Steve Wyler
16 June 2011
Community Right to Buy in jeopardy

Dear Hugh,

Steve Wyler
I am writing to ask if you can help with an urgent piece of lobbying. The Localism Bill is in the House of Lords and I have been tipped off that, as a result of scaremongering by the Countryside Landowners Association and others, the government is considering watering down the Community Right to Buy – for example reducing the window for community groups to prepare a bid to a mere 3 months.

Do you have any contacts in the House of Lords? – if so a personal email from you to them, enclosing Locality's briefing, would be very much appreciated. It would need to get there ideally today or tomorrow, or by the beginning of next week at the very latest. You can find out how to contact peers at the house of lords via http://www.theyworkforyou.com/peers/

You can also highlight this issue by following @localitynews on twitter and contributing to the debate using the tags #bigsociety, #righttobuy and #localism - or by signposting to Locality's blog post on this issue.

Thanks very much indeed.

Very many thanks

Steve Wyler
Chief Executive Officer, Locality

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