22 September 2011

Green Grass or Sand Pit?

I might have got this wrong, but once land fill was completed the balance of the Tesco land on Harbour Road, the part that is due to have lots of wonderful low cost housing and hotel etc, was supposed to be hydro seeded. I was expecting that this would mean nice green fields, and an improvement in the appearance of the area.

Perhaps it is the unusual growing conditions this year, maybe a bad batch of seed, or maybe even poor application. What ever the reason, the site looks more like a sand pit than a green field. If it was a field planted for food crops, the supermarket buyer would have rejected the lot it looks so poor.

Suerly this should be sorted now while there is at least a small chance for the grass to grow before the winter. What is happening? What about the planning conditions? Who is responsible for overseeing that these are followed through? If they don't do a proper job with the grass, what chance of having the rest of the site planted to the required standard.

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