6 November 2011

Large cylinder at the back of Tesco

Message from James

Subject: Tesco CHP


The Tescowatch item in the Minutes of 5th October required me to
investigate the large cylinder at the back of Tesco. I did something,
but forgot to mention it at the last meeting.

On blowing up some photographs I took of these installations I resolved
the name of a Combined Heat and Power manufacturer called ENER-G.
Looking at their website, the plant will use natural gas to generate
electricity, heat and cooling with 85% efficiency. The National Grid
currently works at about 33%, so this is a significant advance in energy
efficiency. This system stores heat in a large highly insulated water
tank, andI thinkthat is what we can see on the east side of the yard.

I will ask Emma Webster to arrange a guided tour when it is up and running


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