11 October 2010

Progress Report

My thanks to those of you who have made comments, two of which have been added to the post below this one.  For the moment, I will go on with my report, but further comments are welcome.

I had a reply to my Freedom of Information request to the Environment Agency; but it was incomplete - consisting of a few emails of peripheral interest.  I have formulated a more rigorous request; but have been baffled by the EA email system.  Replies to the sender of the information have bounced back twice, and I could not get anyone there to explain why.  I shall therefore put in another completely separate request.

My complaint to East Devon has also been delayed.  I had intended sending it from the group, but quailed at the level of consultation involved; so it has gone in under my own name.  I will report when I hear something.

In the meantime, we had a visit from a Norwegian journalist who is doing a feature on Tesco.  I don't read Norwegian, so I don't know what he will make of our situation - if he mentions it at all. Any Scandanavian linguists reading this blog should let me have their contact details and I will send the name of the publication concerned.

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