3 July 2010

The Big Bad Infill Application

Well, folks . . . it's here.  It's called:-

Temporary engineering operations to import approximately 300,000 cu m fill material to raise levels on Seaton regeneration area by an average of 2 metres, installation of temporary pipe route from Seaton regeneration site to seaborne fill delivery point.  
Land Adjacent Harbour Road (north Of Harbour Road And Between Harbour Rd/Seaton Beach) Seaton 

When I say it's here, I mean it has been validated by EDDC and the documents concerned have supposedly been posted on the EDDC website.  Unfortunately, when I tried to access these documents I got only an error message.  Isn't that a shame !

I have complained to EDDC about this.  You might like to do the same.

There is a lot riding on this operation, and we have decided to scrape together our coppers and mount a public information day in Seaton Town Hall - if we can afford it.  In the meantime, you might like to look over such documents as you can get access to, and flag up areas of concern.

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