17 July 2010

Public Information Day in Seaton

Most of the Tesco documents have now been acquired - in one form or another - and are undergoing analysis by our team of experts.

Even a cursory analysis reveals major problems for Seaton residents; but to make a useful complaint to the relevant committee requires detailed reference to a range of documents, all couched in the vocabulary of urban planning.

We have some experience with this sort of thing, so we shall be putting on a Public Information Day at which local people can learn what Tesco are proposing, how it might affect them and how to make an objection. 
Public Information Day
Monday 9th August
from 10 am to 8 pm 
at the hall attached to 
Seaton United Reformed Church 
in Cross Street, Seaton.

See you there.  If you cannot come on this day we shall be publishing sample letters which you can put your name to and send on to the District Council.

In the meantime, we shall be working behind the scenes lobbying various authorities and officials to take up various cudgels on our behalf. 

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