25 July 2010

Urgent call to residents of Trevelyan and Harbour Roads, Seaton

Citizens, awake !  Your peaceful lives are under threat !  The Tesco pipeline in your back yard looks like being much noisier than they predict.

I used to lecture in Building Physics, specialising in the flow of solid-liquid mixtures for the paint and plastics industries.  When we were looking for someone to vet the Tesco noise predictions for the gravel pipeline, I seemed to be the best available candidate. 

If we were wrong, and there is a slurry transport specialist out there, please get in contact.  Failing such a resource, I had to look at the situation myself.  Not being a specialist, it took me some weeks to read up on the subject and analyse the Tesco consultant's report; but I am now fairly sure that . . .

. . the Tesco prediction for noise from our pipeline is a gross under-estimate.

How so ?  Well, basically, slurry flow through a pipe and the noise it makes is impossible to predict from theory and has to be measured from an actual pipeline.  The Tesco consultants have tested one, but it is a different, much less noisy system than the one we are getting in Seaton. 

I have compiled the details into a paper (with references) which I shall be sending on to the Environmental Health Officer in EDDC, as well as to the planning people.  I have seen two letters of objection to EDDC from Trevelyan Road residents which are not aware of the true noise situation; and I shall send a copy to them as well.   I am happy to send it to anyone else who wants to see it.

However, I exclude Tesco consultants.  Do your own work.

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