19 August 2010

The EHO speaks . . .

The Environmental Health Officers of East Devon District Council have made a comment on the Tesco pipeline project. The full text can be located in the comment section of application 10/1177 on the EDDC website; but the salient points are as follows:

"1. No discharge of material either to or from the site shall take place between the hours of 11pm and 7am on any day.

2. The pipeline shall be enclosed at all places where noise generated during the movement of material within it is likely to be clearly audible at the facade of nearby residential properties. Reasons : To protect the amenities of local residents.

3. The return pipe shall discharge on the sea bed at a point beyond the Bathing Water Zone , at least 100m off-shore, in accordance with the requirements of the Marine Management Organisation. Discharges through this pipe shall be supervised at all times, shall only take place during daylight hours, and shall be at the rate specified in the Environmental Impact Assessment. Return material shall be sampled at frequencies agreed with the Local Planning Authority for suspended fine materials. Reason: To protect Bathing Water Quality. "

The noise provisions in 1 and 2 are less than we asked for; but do provide a measure of protection to those Seatonians unfortunate enough to live close to the pipeline. We now await Tesco's new prediction of pipeline noise (see post for 4th August below).

The control of sediment discharged into the bay (3) ignores the concern of local fishermen; and depends on the details agreed with the LPA. We shall be keeping an eye out for this.

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