7 August 2010

The new pipeline noise prediction . . . and District Council inertia.

There isn't a new prediction yet; but from the previous post you will see that Tesco propose to do one.  Since the existing noise prediction is now obsolete, we shall need to see the new one before being able to make comments.

This means that the hand-in date for comments (currently 12 August) will have to be extended to a date some weeks after the glorious 12th: and so far, this has not happened.

I have written once more to Steven Belli (how much he must be looking forward to his new job) asking for news of this new date in advance of our PID on 9th August.  No answer as yet.

My noise critique was earlier passed by Steven Belli to the Environmental Health Officers in East Devon.  Nothing then happened until I started badgering them about it: then I was told by an EHO staff member - who had clearly not read it - that such difficulties could usually be "engineered out".

They would not discuss it further, so I petitioned one of our District Councillors to intervene.  He has now arranged a meeting next week - after our Public Information Day.

When things like this happen, some people mutter about the idleness and corruption of civil servants - but I am not one of them.  Civil servants work for the public good with inadequate resources and have often to juggle competing priorities.  I am sure the officer concerned had lots of other work to do, and the corporate culture of East Devon always seems to involve a barrier against public consultation: so I suspect my noise critique was directed to the bottom of the pile.  I shall what I can do - next week - to drag it to the top.

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