4 August 2010

Tesco tries again

Seatonians will already have had the pleasure of reading about Tesco and us on the front page of Pulman's View from Seaton.

Entitled "Building claims refuted by store" it summarises my noise paper rather roughly, then includes quotes from Julie Bishop - Juliette to her workmates - dismissing our noise figure (which came from Tesco documents) and saying we had "misunderstood the issue".

She then admitted that their consultants would be retesting their pipe using our conditions.

I sent her an email, from which this quotation is taken:

The fact that you are now repeating the pipeline noise measurement with more realistic conditions - conditions which we found to be absent from your first effort - suggests that it is Tesco who have misunderstood things, not Tescowatch Seaton

That being so,
I should be glad to cast an eye over any further noise estimates you produce to see if they comply with Seaton conditions.  My fee for doing so can be donated to the Seaton Youth Club, which you are going to demolish without replacement.

We are holding a Public Information Day in Seaton on 9th August, (not the 10th) which you are very welcome to attend to present the latest modifications to your proposals.  

No reply so far.

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