28 January 2011

Change of Name - What do you think?

There has been a suggestion that we change our name to Planning Watch. What do you think? We would not want to get into confrontations with individual residents, but there are other issues which may concern us. There is, for example, the Court Lane application by Cavanna Homes. They acquired the property of the former primary school, and were granted permission to build St. Clare's Close. They failed to get permission to develop the former school playing field, which is designated public open space; but they fenced it off, and EDDC did nothing about it. Cavanna are now reapplying, and pretending that there never was public access: it had been well used after school hours, and particularly by the children of cricket and tennis club members. Residents would prefer their neighbours to be other householders like themselves, rather than children or the general public. What do you think? Look out for the resubmission of this planning application.
Hugh Barlow

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