28 January 2011

Pipeline & Bridge Works - Letter to Axe Riverside from SDT

Copies to EDDC, tram, DCC, SDT, TrevRoad

Dear Mr Willis-Fleming

10/1177/MFUL | Temporary engineering operations to import approximately 300,000 cu m fill material to raise levels on Seaton regeneration area by an average of 2 metres, installation of temporary pipe route from Seaton regeneration site to seaborne fill delivery point. | Land Adjacent Harbour Road (north Of Harbour Road And Between Harbour Rd/Seaton Beach) Seaton.

Kate Little of East Devon District Council has replied to our email dated 22nd January (of which you have a copy) advising us that responsibility for the safety of these structures resides with the owners of the land over which it passes.

The Axe Riverside Company is one of these landowners and I am therefore invoking regulation 2 (d) (iii) of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 and requiring you to supply us with all the latest drawings, technical documents, agreements and relevant correspondence with East Devon District Council and other bodies relating to the design and construction of the pipeline and associated structures to carry infill material from the sea to the regeneration site.

Thank you for your assistance.

James Semple Chairman - Seaton Development Trust

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