4 January 2011

Changing the guard

My previous post reported the death of Tescowatch: but it seems this demise - like Mark Twain's -  was an exaggeration.  Whatever my feelings on the matter, a number of Tescowatch stalwarts are keen to continue with the project, and I am happy to support them.

I think it is in the nature of civil protest, where the few and weak tackle the many and strong, that some activists get so wrapped up in the banner of the protest as to lose sight of the rest of the army.  I fancy this has happened to me.

But, while I may have lost touch with the movement, the movement will continue with other leaders. I will still do work for Tescowatch; but others will be forming policy and representing Tescowatch to the powers ranged against us.

The lesson I will try to learn - and which I suggest as a policy objective for Tescowatch - is to keep in touch with the grass roots.  To this end, your comments are important.  Heretofore these comments have been moderated: that is, they come to me first and I can decide whether or not to allow them onto the blog.  This filters out the crazies and the Tesco PR people, but it also stifles legitimate comment.

Therefore, as my last administrative action, I am removing this filter and allowing direct posting without moderation.  It will be up to the new leadership to decide whether or not to continue with this policy.

2011 will bring many changes to Seaton:  here's hoping we can live with them.

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