12 February 2011

Open Seams in Axe River Bridge

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Sent: Friday, February 11, 2011 1:31 PM
Subject: Open seams in Axe River bridge on B 3172 in Seaton

Dear Ian,

I have been asked by Mr Price of Colyton to bring to your attention a number of open seams on the bridge carrying the B3172 over the Axe river, which has been taking Tesco construction traffic, and will be taking more.

I don't know how significant they are, or when they appeared; but Mr Price thinks they were not there some months previously.

All the pictures were taken today from the old bridge from the sea-ward side at the Seaton (west) end of the bridge. I have labelled them in Photoshop and compressed them for transmission; but they are otherwise unaltered.

The hand holding the steel rule in some pictures belongs to Mr George Boswell, a retired architect and member of Seaton Development Trust.

Thank you for your attention.

James Semple

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