15 February 2011

Stresses on the bends of the pipeline

On 13/02/2011 22:56, Hugh wrote:
Bill Collier, industrial chemist, remembers Flixborough, and wonders who has checked the stresses on the bends in the pipeline. It has probably been independently checked, but how do we know? Do we happen to have a retired mechanical engineer?

James replied:

James Lindsay-Smith has made contact with his old colleagues, including a numerate one with computer capability who is capable of checking all appropriate calculations. However, the main problem is gaining access to the data - which is refused - and another is the indeterminacy of slurry flow at this level of solids and particle size. Ask Bill if he is familiar with slurry transport. if so, send him my noise critique which contains most of the information in the public domain

Hugh comments:

It appears that we have access to the expertise, but not yet to the data.

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  1. I can't say that I am a big fan of this Tesco over development on the site ( 3 times the retail floor area than was permitted by EDDC when Waitrose expanded in Sidmouth ), but as this procedure for pumping has been used ( apparently without issue )at Bournemouth and Lyme Regis, I would imagine it is well tried and tested.

    As far as the town is concerned I think the lack of any really suitable transport route to the site for the current and future development are a major oversite ( or are they not competent ) by EDDC/DCC. Once this massive store is in operation, who will end up paying for the infrastructure improvements that will be necessary.

    Then I have concern about the status of the tram stop at Seaton. In the Tesco drawings it appears to show the tram at the original level with the new visitors centre and store raised above this level, apparently creating a flood drain path towards the north of the site. Will this be sustainable in the long term? Lots of questions and no real answers. Are we doomed?