20 February 2011

Traffic through Axmouth

For the benefit of people who have not seen the Axe Valley Weekender 18 Feb p4:
All parties have accepted that just the abnormal loads bringing the bridge structure will be allowed to pass through Axmouth, at reasonable times, notified to an Axmouth councillor for each traffic movement. All other construction traffic will travel by the route specified in the original conditions. As I understand it, these loads are too long to negotiate the pinch points at the junctions of Harefield Road with Manor Road and Seaton Down Road, probably too long and certainly too heavy for a weak point on Colyford Road, so that the Axmouth route is the only route possible. Axmouth residents are not happy, but have accepted this compromise; they will be alert for any breach of these modified conditions, now or later.

1 comment:

  1. Further information on the details of the loads on each day are being posted on the Trinity Matters website run by the Trinity Ward member of EDDC Ian Thomas. Check out http://www.trinitymatters.co.uk/ for this and other information on heavy goods through Axmouth.

    Shame no one thought about this before the Tesco development started, and at the very least made it a condition to improve the road infrastructure prior to development commencing.