2 April 2011

Excessive noise from pipeline - more

From: "Cllr P Burrows"
To: "Hugh and Elizabeth" Hugh Barlow
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2011 1:31 PM
Subject: RE: Excessive noise from pipeline

Dear Hugh

I sent this yesterday and I am still waiting for a reply.


Sent: 31 March 2011 13:35
To: Nick Stephen
Cc: DL Council Members

The noise level created by the Tescos pipeline is far in excess of that agreed. I would ask EDDC to suspend all delivery during the day until this matter has been sorted out. I cannot imagine the residents of Sidmouth putting up with this so why should Seaton.
From: Hugh and Elizabeth
Sent: 01 April 2011 09:21
To: Cllr J A Knight; Cllr Mrs S C J Jones; Cllr P Burrows
Subject: Fw: Excessive noise from pipeline

Dear Councillors

On behalf of residents of Trevelyan Road may we ask for more immediate and urgent action to reduce the intolerable noise levels, considerably above the 85db level of damage to hearing, especially if continuous for more than 2 Hours (the pipeline operation is 3 hours)'.

When Ms Wallace (EDDC EHO) measured it as well over this level, she immediately arranged for nighttime deliveries to be suspended until a solution was found. This was a satisfactory half-measure, but the lagging applied today (Thursday 31 March)has not significantly reduced the noise level. The contractors have tried but not succeeded: it is not their decision.

Please use your influence with the Enforcement Officer to arrange immediate suspension of all deliveries until a solution is found.

We will not for now go into the history of misunderstandings which have led all parties to believe that the noise levels would be no more than sand over Bournemouth beach.

For the sake of residents we implore everyone to put a stop to it now.

Hugh Barlow
Chair, Seaton Development Trust

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  1. Is it less noisy now that they are pumping sand without the gravel etc? I assume this was always the plan. Make a lot of noise with the first couple of loads containing larger stones, then when using the approved fill ( sand ) everything will be so much quieter that no one will notice. Were EDDC in attendance? What sort of noise readings did they obtain?

    I wonder what will be next in the pipeline?