30 April 2011

Stagnant Water

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Subject: Tramway/Tesco water situation

Attached pictures, taken this afternoon, tell their own story. Pumps
are going 24 hours a day without making much of a difference. What a
greeting for people coming to visit the tramway.

Sandra Semple

Note from Hugh: Barbara has raised the issue of stagnant water with Countryside Services.


  1. As I said before, there will be between 60,000 and 120,000 tonnes of water entrained within the sand ( depends on how wet it was when dug out of the lagoon ). I suspect this will be draining for some time, so I hope they keep the pumps running. I have asked the Environment Agency to reinvestigate the impact on surface water and surrounding land. Also waiting to hear from EDDC.

    How close are the properties on the North side of Harbour Road! Even when the water stops running, there will still be a lot a salty water in the sand which can leach out over time. I am sure this will not bode well for the extensive planting that is intended to screen the store.

  2. Roland Butter, Seaton1 May 2011 at 08:48

    Sandra Semple, you really should 'get a life'. At last something is being done to breathe life back into this town and all you can do is moan and try to throw spanners in the works at every opportunity.
    Tesco is coming to Seaton - get over it and let them get on with it.

  3. Roland Butter,why can't you see that Tecos will kill off a lot of shops in Seaton,but you most probably have a safe job somewhere doing nothing very important so don'care about others.If you are so keen on Tescos,and I accept that many people are,you can always go to their planned enlarged store in Axminster.Tescos in Seaton is not going to bring visitors in and you should be able to see that.Sandra Semple is entitled to her views as indeed you are.

  4. Roland Butter1 May 2011 at 20:26

    Anonymous, yes I do have a safe job (as safe as can be in the current climate) - You'd have to ask my boss as to whether it's important!
    I am not over keen on Tesco's, I would rather anyone but them to be honest. But the fact is, it is them. They put the money in and are doing more than anyone else seemed prepared to do. No, a Tesco won't bring visitors in but the other planned projects coming off the back of it will.

  5. Roland Butter the only person on here talking sense!!! Tesco may not be what people want but they own the land and are not only building a store but have brought up all the levels so that other things may be built like a new hotel, leisure centre etc The complete semple family really need a life and stop stiring so much rubbish. Is moan about Tesco all you seriously have to do in your lives???? have you been to co-op lately expensive and you have to wait for ever to get served bring on TESCO!!!!!!!

  6. Why do all the pro Tesco people have to be so rude about others who do not share their viewpoint.The Semples,and others like them ,are raising items of interest which should be addressed sooner rather than later.Do Seaton resident really think that EDDC have their interests at heart? Do remember we live in a democracy and accept views of others without such bad grace.