5 April 2011

The Third Lagoon in operation

A few days ago we noticed that Tesco have built 3 lagoons, rather than the 2 approved in the planning application. I have since seen number 3 in operation as a backup for number 1 - namely, to receive slurry from the pipeline, as shown in the picture.

The central lagoon (number 2) is still used to hold seawater until the silt has settled, and the picture shows a fair amount of white sediment which might otherwise have gone into Seaton Bay.  I wonder if this water was tested before discharge, as it is supposed to be, according to the Environment Agency.

The picture also shows how the infill collected in lagoon 1 has been spread around the site by the bulldozers.

Interesting times


  1. I have been reading this blog with interest and can fully understand local residents concerns over noise and having Tescos being built.. However in am shocked at the attitude of some of the residents towards the contractors working on the site. The men employed there are only there to do a job, they were not part of the planning committee or councillors whom gave planning permission. verbal abuse, foul language and intimidation of workmen is unexceptable and frankly not the sort of behaviour you expect in a civilised society. And those members of the public should be very ashamed of themselves. I for one will not be visiting Seaton again.

  2. Vistor, it is a shame that you will not be visiting Seaton again, as it really is one of the most friendly towns in this part of Devon. This sort of behaviour is not the sort of thing that we would like, but then it is so wide spread in our society today.

    Think about some of the behaviour in the recent protests in London, or there is professional football with all of its problems. Not to mention the bankers and MP's acting in a financially yobish manner.

    If you are not careful, you soon won't find anywhere to visit. Sometimes you need to look beyond the actions of a few.