2 April 2011

Excessive noise from pipeline

To: Hugh Barlow
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2011 9:41 AM
Subject: RE: Excessive noise from pipeline

Dear Mr Barlow
Thank you for your email and I note your concerns and comments.

I have been monitoring the situation regarding the infill and pipeline issues, along with our Environmental Health team at East Devon District Council. I have also visited the site during one of the infill operations.

With reference to your comments, the current situation is as follows:

1. Contractors were on site cladding the diagonals of the Harbour Road gantry yesterday. The Council are awaiting confirmation of the material to be used for the horizontal section of the gantry. Once installed they will assess the performance of the lagging.

2. Their observations on Wednesday were that there were significant periods during the discharge when the noise levels were not as loud and were fully compliant. These periods appeared to coincide with the discharge of sand into the lagoon, rather than coarser material. It is sand that forms the majority of the fill due to come from now on.

3. The periods of very loud noise were much shorter on Wednesday than on Tuesday night. In the end on Tuesday night only about 50% of the load was discharged because of the problems and therefore when it arrived back on Wednesday there was still a range of coarser and finer material. This might explain why the noise levels of the material being discharged varied. During the discharge there were long periods of quiet, for example whilst water was returned to the sea.

4. Environmental Health Officers are visiting the site each time a load is being discharged and are checking with the site twice a day. They are able to further restrict discharge times, and are also able to require works to temporarily stop if they deem it necessary. At the end of yesterday the Planning Officers and the Environmental Health Officers were reviewing the situation.

5. The Officers are all concentrating their efforts on resolving the situation as quickly as possible for both the residents and people who are working in close proximity to the gantry's.

6. I have made the Environmental Health Officer who is dealing with these issues fully aware about the lighting issues which have been raised by residents. They are concerned about the lighting and an Officer visited the site yesterday and was going to look into this issue.

8. The site operator is permitted to work in the lagoons between 7am and 10pm as it is necessary to continually clear the material from the inlet end and to maintain capacity for incoming material. They are also able to distribute the fill around the site within those times in due course for the same reason.
I will certainly forward your letter onto the Environmental Health department and make them fully aware of your comments and ask for an update of the situation. When I receive any further news I will contact you again. I do appreciate your concerns and will emphasise these to the Officer's in the EH department and will ask whether the operation can be suspended until all issues have been resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned.

Yours sincerely
Stephanie Jones

From: Hugh and Elizabeth
Sent: 01 April 2011 09:21
To: Cllr J A Knight; Cllr Mrs S C J Jones; Cllr P Burrows
Subject: Fw: Excessive noise from pipeline

Dear Councillors
On behalf of residents of Trevelyan Road may we ask for more immediate and urgent action to reduce the intolerable noise levels, considerably above the 85db level of damage to hearing, especially if continuous for more than 2 Hours (the pipeline operation is 3 hours)'.
When Ms Wallace (EDDC EHO) measured it as well over this level, she immediately arranged for nighttime deliveries to be suspended until a solution was found. This was a satisfactory half-measure, but the lagging applied today (Thursday 31 March)has not significantly reduced the noise level. The contractors have tried but not succeeded: it is not their decision.
Please use your influence with the Enforcement Officer to arrange immediate suspension of all deliveries until a solution is found.
We will not for now go into the history of misunderstandings which have led all parties to believe that the noise levels would be no more than sand over Bournemouth beach.
For the sake of residents we implore everyone to put a stop to it now.
Hugh Barlow
Chair, Seaton Development Trust

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