31 March 2011

Building on Foundations of Sand!!

From Janet Wallace of EDDC via www.trinitymatters.co.uk

"EDDC observations yesterday were that there were significant periods during the discharge when the noise levels were not as loud and were fully compliant. These periods appeared to coincide with the discharge of sand into the lagoon, rather than coarser material. It is the sand which forms the majority of the fill due to come from now on."

So I take it from this that the pipeline noise will no longer be a problem as they are going to build the platform mainly of sand. Can this really be true? As far as I know, you need to have a good mix of aggregate sizes to create a firm bound surface after compaction. Perhaps they will use piling for the store foundations, but how will this affect any potential hotel and residential development?

What do those who know more about these things think?

Pumping has once again started, and it does not appear that there have been any changes to the sound proofing around the pipe. Surely at 90dB this is excessive even for daytime operation. What is it like down there?


  1. Awful! The noise is as loud as ever. No one appears to be monitoring sound, neither contractors or representatives from EDDC. Contractors are desperately trying to lag the sloped pipe section nearest to the flats.

  2. The lagging appears to be thermal loft insulation! Better than nothing I suppose.

  3. I was there on Thursday afternoon, and it was as loud as ever. I did, however, notice variations in sound level, but the amount of clattering against the sides of the pipe shows that plenty of stones are still coming over.

    I think sand is a red herring - if that is possible?

  4. It is Thursday 31st March. Pumping operations recommenced at 8.15 pm when the lagoons had been drained of water because they were full and the pipe has been extended further into the lagoon. The pipeline noise has brought residents of Trevellyan Road and Harbour Road outside their homes. The noise from the pipe over Harbour Road is louder than previously. It appears that earlier in the day the dredging company were fluctuating water and sand ( quieter material) and have now replaced it with coarser heavier material perhaps because no one is available from EDDC to monitor and record sound levels. The pipe is literally ringing! The lagging has made no difference at all. The lagoons are lit up and there is plenty of action/noise on site. Is it night- time yet?