10 March 2011

"Don't Sacrifice Axmouth on the Altar of Seaton Regeneration"

Once again, there is plenty to learn from the Trinity Matters website.

This link http://www.trinitymatters.co.uk/axmouth-traffic/221-mp-neil-parish-pledges-support-for-axmouth-weight-limit gives some information on the recent visit by Neil Parish MP to Axmouth.

I thought the following was a great quote:

Neil wrote - "I would further ask the County Council to review the overall local road network, with specific reference to access for HGV, and general increased traffic volumes to the Seaton Regeneration site"
"I envisage such a review will recognise the need for investment in the lower Axe estuary transport infrastructure. This must produce the transport network essential to support the economic regeneration of Seaton, yet duly cognisant of the pressures on, and need to properly protect, our unique historic local villages."

No mention of the impact this could have on the local school run in Seaton or Colyford, or of the pedestrians ( walking is good for the environment ) trying to use Seaton town centre.

Now where were the planning authorities when this was raised months ago? Perhaps there is a plan to bring all of the petrol and retail goods in by sea.

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  1. Why has the site name suddenly become 'Seaton regeneration Site' Are Tesco's ashamed of what they are inflicting on Seaton and surrounding areas? I bet m/s Bishop would make up some answer out of the dreamworld she lives in.