7 March 2011

Where is the Money?

So, the development has well and truly started. Crusher is arriving tomorrow, so I assume they will start breaking up the concrete recovered from the site to use as part of the fill material, which is probably better than carting it away for land fill somewhere else ( not sure how much noise and dust this will make though ).

In anycase I digress. Now that the development has started, what do we know about the monies that were to be paid by Tesco towards community infrastructure. I have seen mention of a section 106 agreement, but don't know when this kicks in and who is responsible for looking after Seaton's interests. Not that I don't trust EDDC, but I have seen what national government recently did with 4 billion pounds and private sector companies ( Nimrod scrap metal anyone ). And EDDC did agree to the current degeneration on a site with totaly inadequate transport infrastructure.

Does anyone out there know how this is supposed to be handled and what are the timings? Perhaps someone in the know could point me in the right direction. It just seems to have all gone very quiet.

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  1. I have just seen the following on http://www.trinitymatters.co.uk/component/content/article/8/8 in relation to the section 106 benefits:

    "I’m sure our Seaton neighbours will further reflect on the direct Section 106 benefits from the Tesco Store application of approaching £3Million, exclusively for Seaton, which include, £1.7Million for the visitor centre, £45,000 for a Town Centre Manager, contributions to Public Transport, Public art, the construction of Footpaths and a Cycle Path for a Sustrans link.

    Sounds really great, so when do we see any of this?

    I have to say that £45,000 for a Town Centre Manager seems a bit mean, since Tesco are planning on paying more than this for the Pharmacy manager for the new Seaton store. The Pharmacist will be getting nearly as much, so not far off £100,000 for two employees in the Pharmacy in the store. They must be expecting a good turnover!! Anyone want a job?