30 March 2011

Noise levels under pipeline - letter from James

From: James Semple
Noise l
Subject: Noise levels under pipeline in Seaton

Dear Mr Harris,

The Tesco pipeline we thought might be unstable went live last night, and did not fall over or show any signs of structural failure that we could see. This is good news for everyone, although we remain a little concerned about future operation in high wind conditions.

Not good news was the level of noise emitted. Janet Wallace the EDDC EHO on site measured it at 90 dB at the maximum, which I understand is above the level at which ear protectors must be worn to avoid hearing loss.

This is a serious public hazard on which I trust you will be taking action.

I attach a letter from Tesco on the matter which came this morning. We have been warning all concerned since July last year about this problem, but have been ignored as usual. It is no consolation to have been proved right at last at such a cost to public health and amenity.

James Semple


  1. Seems like they were still doing some pumping last night. Certainly the lights ( very bright ) were on. Gravel was being shunted about the lagoon, well after I thought they should have stopped work.

    I thought they were premitted to work on the lagoon out of normal hours, because there was to be a large bank of earth ( the lagoon bund ) shielding the local residents. Since the lagoon was full, the machinery was sat up nice and high with nothing to stop the spread of the noise from the equipment.

    Who from EDDC is monitoring the night time activity?

  2. The pumping restarted last night 30th at 8pm and finished at 10pm. A resident at No 3 Trevellyn Rd took a ipod ap reading of 90db INSIDE their flat at 8.30pm with noise making it impossible to hear their TV. No one was their from the main contractor or EDDC. The work on site continued until well after the pumping had stopped at 10pm with 3 site lights illuminating the properties on Harbour RD, and bulldozers, Excavators etc. all working away moving the infill as if it was normal working hours.

  3. I really hope Tesco will invite our Mayor Sandra Semple to cut the ribbon and open the new store.

    Brian who lives at 7 Trevelyan

  4. I really hope Tesco will invite our Mayor Sandra Semple to cut the ribbon and open the new store when the time comes.

    Brian who lives at 7 Trevelyan

  5. people, including myself, did question site managers and there 'views' and 'judgement' on the noise level of the pipe line, isn't it common sense to realise that shingle running through a steel pipe at high pressure is bound to be extremely noisy? and they seem to think that wrapping it in insulation is going to make a dramatic difference? again, common sense, it might make a slight difference to the level of noise, but not enough! they were pumping up until 9:59pm tonight and the noise was horrendous! of course its going to be noisier at night because there's a lot less traffic and 'normal day time noise' tesco's and EDDC have no consideration for others, my bedroom window is less than 25 meters away from the pipeline above harbour road, and even with my window shut I can't hear my t.v properly, this is un-acceptable!