30 March 2011

Pipeline Noise - latest from Tesco

From James...

As ever, Ian Thomas's blog (www.trinitymatters.co.uk) had the ear of the main players in the Tesco saga and was able to report in detail on the first discharge of infill through the contested pipeline in Seaton.

I, also, was there on Tueday night with my little noise meter and was appalled at the racket coming from the unshielded pipe rising from the yacht club grounds past the windows of the terrace in Trevelyan Road and over Harbour Road. My little noise meter read 83 decibels (54 was predicted), but Janet Wallace, the EDDC Environmental Health Officer using professional equipment measured a maximum of 90 dB.

Now, anything above 85 dB can damage your hearing, and ear protectors are recommended. Tesco then circulated a letter (click here to see) saying how unexpected this noise level was.

This is a flat lie. In July 2010 I wrote a detailed, referenced report showing how Tesco's noise estimate was far too low and sent it to Tesco and to EDDC. It was ignored, and the Development Management Committee instead talked about a gentle swish with an occasional ting. In March this year I sent another report about how the rising pipe was not insulated against noise, and suggesting how it could be improved. This was ignored also.

So, Tesco and EDDC had previous information with ample evidence - and they ignored it all. It is bad enough that Tesco do not care about local people, but EDDC are supposed to be our representatives.

I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. That, and the imminent local elections are what we need now to use to protect ourselves and our town.

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