5 March 2011

Saturday 5th March Pipeline Exercise

Doesn't seem to have happened... anybody know why?


  1. Can't imagine why they didn't hit their target.

    Perhaps they have finally worked out that dumping 600,000 tonnes of salty gravel and sand on this site might not be the best thing to do environmentally.

    I know it seems to have worked out OK at Lyme Regis, Boscombe and even the Palm in the Gulf (apparently lots of settlement cracking on this site, could that reduce the chance of a developer delivering affordable housing), but these sites all have one thing in common, they are adjacent to the waterline. Can't say I have ever seen anyone building sand castles on Harbour Road (unless anyone knows different!).

  2. two long pipes have arrived at southampton for welding and i think they are the ones bound for seaton. weather permitting they are due to leave southampton on 14th march