11 March 2011

Pipeline Towing Schedule

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Towed Pipeline Operation

Contributed by James


  1. The cost of this whole operation must be enormous,anyone who still thinks that Tesco are doing this just for customers in Seaton must surely be completely naive and not living in the real world,maybe an apt description of EDDC

  2. The cost is indeed enormous ( except when you have profits measured in billons of pounds ), and yet when it comes to infrastructure, it looks like the local tax payers will be funding the essential road improvements.

    Where will the increased traffic go? If not through Axmouth, then the other existing routes are along narrow roads, or having tight bends to negotiate. The measure of how poor the other routes are is that abnormal loads are directed through Axmouth.

    Naivety in a professional context is known as incompetence. If EDDC have apparently made such a basic mistake in approving the current degeneration, the people of East Devon need to ensure thorough analysis of current and future development plans.

  3. Road is now closed but no pedestrian access! How are people who walk from Axmouth to Seaton and back to work going to cross the river? Are we supposed to walk the diversion?