4 March 2011

Outside hours working and noise at Trevelyan Road

From Ian Thomas, Trinity Matters web site, via James:

Further to the recent agreement between Tesco and EDDC on noise limitation measures and normal site operating times, exceptional works are required on Saturday evening, 5th March.

The installation of the return pipeline to the beach can only be completed supported by suitable tides and weather conditions. The subcontractor due to complete these works has advised that tide times in Newhaven and Seaton mean that works will need to commence at 5.00pm in Seaton, to coincide with the need to sail from Newhaven at high water, and be in position to complete local pipework positioning in Seaton at high water.

In order to ensure that the pipeline is positioned safely, it is essential that the sea and weather conditions are favourable. These conditions are currently forecast for early Saturday evening. ISG Pearce have therefore approached EDDC Environmental Health Officers seeking agreement to vary Working Hours Conditions for this exceptional operation. This approval has been given.

Two excavators will be required to position the pipe on the beach. ISG Pearce intend that these machines will be in place at 17.00hrs and that all works will be completed by 20.30hrs.

James comments:

Bad news about noise. It just shows you how much resident interests count for at EDDC.

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