27 March 2011

How Many Lagoons...?

James writes....

Tesco's plans for infilling the Seaton flood plain show two earth dams, or lagoons. One lagoon receives the gravel slurry from the dredger: the gravel settles quickly and the sea-water left then passes into the second lagoon to stand until the silt has settled out of it. It is then pumped back into the bay.

That is what the plans show; but the picture shows what they have actually built. Not two lagoons, but three. What is the third lagoon for ?

Now, it is fair to say that Tesco have taken on a hugely ambitious operation, and plans made at the start of such a project can reasonably be expected to be modified in the light of experience. Nothing wrong with that, but
East Devon District Council are supposed to give their approval for any changes and post the new plans on the website. Nothing of the kind has appeared.

So, either Tesco has not applied, or else EDDC has not updated their website . . . and in either case the Council is to blame. In the first case, they should remain constantly aware of progress on the site, and require the submission of any deviations for approval: and in the second case, any documents relevant to the application should be posted to the website for public scrutiny.

If one of us little people deviates slightly from the plans for a garden shed, EDDC come down on us like a ton of manure. But for the big boys, anything goes - and they see no need to tell anyone else about it.

However, the coming election gives us all a chance to stand up for ourselves. When 5th May comes along, use your vote to show EDDC that the little people can still make a difference.

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