27 March 2011

More on the PIpe Noise Issue

Another from James....

The planning permission granted to Tesco requires them to insulate the slurry pipe against noise where it runs along behind the houses in Trevelyan Road. There are strong doubts whether insulation will in fact reduce the noise enough to allow the residents to sleep, but it seems that even this precaution is inadequate and incomplete.

The picture shows how the pipe is boxed in
at ground level, but the boxing stops as the pipe rises up to cross Harbour Road, even thought the rising section is closer to the upper windows of the houses beside it. The rising pipe could easily be wrapped with acoustic tape (widely advertised on the internet), but it has been left totally uninsulated.

Even the boxing is lined with the wrong sort of insulation. They used thermal insulation - used in lofts to control heat flow, rather than acoustic insulation designed to control noise transmission.

Now, either Tesco does not know the difference between noise and heat, or else it just does not care what happens to the unfortunate residents trying to sleep only yards from the pipe.

And, worst of all, East Devon District Council - elected and appointed to serve the people - are doing nothing whatsoever about it.

The elections are coming. Use your vote to tell them what you think about this situation.

Hugh comments...
Ms Wallace insists she is monitoring things, but she does not seem to believe there will be any significant noise. Will she change her tune if there is ?


  1. Who can make EDDC act in a proper way with regard to the site?

  2. As pumping appears to have started, what is the noise like? Were EDDC officers monitoring the process as they said they would?